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I've shared many stores over the years on many different sites, so I thought I would create a series of Indexes so I can find it all, and, if you're interested, so can you.

NOTE: Links Vary. Some will take you to places where you'll be allowed to read for free, others will take you behind a paywall a few times. To continue, you'll have to buy a subscription. That's the way it goes, and, honestly, it's how I make the pennies that add up to a writer's life. On that note, Thank You for Your Support.

Fiction, Non-Fiction, and Everything in Between

The First Rule of Being A Writer is To Write What You Know. Since my life hasn't exactly been one of 'Rainbows and Unicorns,' as I put it, the things I write are not bright and sunny. In fact, many of the stories and articles I write can be considered 'triggering' for anyone who may have had a similar experience.

And, to be even more honest, it's intentional.

You see, I know if I am brave enough, or crazy enough, to share my story - all of my stories - I might share my ounce of courage with someone else, someone who needs to tell their story - or all of them - too.

I tell my stories to find the truth, the why to all my questions. Why did this happen to me, why do these things keep happening in my life, what am I missing here, why is my heart still not whole?

Okay, kind of deep for an introduction, but if you're here you've probably read something else I wrote and I bet it wasn't something 'light and airy' like a review of shampoo or a local restaurant (although I am active on Yelp, just so you know.)

If you're here on my website and still reading this far into the post, you are here for a reason. You are seeking answers to questions you haven't even begun to ask.

So I'll save you some time and put everything in one place for you to find all you need - or want - to find.

I suggest starting with the Fiction. It's my favorite, really. I enjoy twisting the tales of my past, and the pasts of others who didn't realize I was paying attention and didn't take me seriously when I told them, to their faces, "Someday I'm going to write a book about you." Or, "that's going into one of my stories."

Disclaimer: I know I have to add a disclaimer, like the one at the beginning of every 'fictional' story that goes something like the characters, events, and places are all the imagination of the author and any similarities to persons, places or things, living or dead is entirely coincidental.

Yeah, right. Fiction is never stranger than real life and fiction can only come from real life. And in the case of my writing, my fiction is the way I deal with My Real Life. So my disclaimer reads like this: "If something in my story makes you uncomfortable, please, point it out. But then, be prepared to prove it."

I like the way I sum it up in Unmasking the Masked Writer. which, FYI, is a non-fiction piece.

Back to the fiction. Let's start with The Blood of My Enemies, which is actually a collection of stories now available on Amazon as an e-book. I self-published this one, and I've got so many more of these kinds of stories it's going to become a series. Book two will be released in mid-2021. If you prefer to read online, here's a link to a Table of Contents with links to seven stories that may or may not be in the book.

Visit my Author Page on Amazon to see the other books I've written here.

Here's a free link to the first story in The Blood of My Enemies, The Beginning. It sets the tone for the rest of them.

But, before I lose the el'cheapo's who've made it this far (you know who you are), here are a couple of "Freebie Links" for you to click on. Grab your Hula Hoop. Careful.

The Stories. This is a new story for Blood of My Enemies.

Old Men And Porn A Current Life Observation.

It Doesn't Affect You Until It Affects You and something else I Believe

To read everything I've posted on Medium, here's a link to my profile. An annual subscription provides access to millions of writers on millions of topics. I'm just one of them.

The Non-Fiction I write is not comfortable. My work digs into things we all experience in common more than we know. Especially, and unfortunately, more than we care to think or talk about. After much discovery on my part about my life, the pieces, parts, and the collective whole, and a whole lot of reading, I decided to embark upon a project to help others share their stories alongside my own with Red Flags or Flowers, Believe It or Not, You Can Pick Them, You Just Have to Pay Attention Project that begins with 10 Questions.

But hey! It's not all spilled guts and twisted nuts. I actually have the capacity to write some funny stuff once in a while. As Judd Apatow put it in his Master Class, "Angry people can be really funny." Because life has to be funny when it's so fucking out of control. So here are some links to the things I write that I think are funny. If you don't, well, ... you're getting the finger. (Which is my passive-aggressive way of saying Fuck You.) (But nicely. Because All I Have To Do Is Be Nice. Right?)

Remodeling? Ladies Get Yours Today helps make hardware choices easier.

Especially if one must ponder What if He Doesn't Send A Dick Pick?

And then this is just plain snark. My Jesus Wants to Kick Your Jesus' Ass.

Let's Be Dramatic

Besides The Blood of My Enemies, I have the ability to write some dramatic fiction too. I can't help it. Trauma is the perfect ingredient to add to a writer's imagination: A brain wired with a few strands of FuckedUp coiled wire. It fires back on itself and just keeps the burn bubbling.

I started writing the Dystopian Diaries but had to stop when too much of it started happening. As of right now, I'm thinking of reworking and submitting it to a contest for TV, series, and/or movie scripts. We'll see.

Then there's my dip into the serial fiction pool, The Reunion. This is a story I've been working on for a very long time and this is just one of several versions of it. This story is hosted on Medium, and was released one 'episode' at a time.

There's so much to list and link and share! But if you keep following the clues I'm leaving you, I promise you'll find something - or things - you never expected and yet knew all along to be the truth.

Get ready to listen to your gut. Or grab your nuts. We'll see.

We will all see.

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