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By James Clear, Number 19 of 200 Books in A Year.

It’s all about my future self. Where do I want to be in a year, five years, 10 Where do I want to be next month?

Short and long-term goals depend on our habits, our mindset, and our environment.

Our Environment

Start with the people you spend your time with, and on. As I’ve continued down this path to the Garden of Neuro I had to let go of people who are not going in a similar direction as I desire to go. I have creation on the mind - if not something in my soul.

Spending my hours listening to gossip about people I don’t know or care to know, the ails of someone who won’t make the changes necessary to heal, or people who call themselves one thing while behaving and action in complete contradiction to their self-appointed titles, is not moving me forward towards My Big Goals.

I have Big Goals. I have a massive story to write, a novel, and a movie script to create and share the greatest story ever told with the world. I have speeches to give to women to encourage and inspire them to heal by writing their stories and speaking their truth. I’m ready to Build My Table and surround it with passionate women ready to lift others into business ownership creating millions of dollars and fix education through creativity, food, and community.

In other words, I don’t have time to waste with people who can’t see such a vision.

At the beginning of the year, before the “Illuminating Zoom Meeting,” I read The Proximity Principle by Ken Coleman. I wasn’t through the first chapter when I realized I needed to step out of my comfort zone and start meeting the right people if I was going to achieve my Big Goals.


Filling this newfound time was easy, I needed to keep doing what I was doing and then some. I needed to keep writing, putting the story down even if it was tiny pieces at a time. Practicing the physical activity of having ‘my butt in the chair,’ the computer open and my fingers over the keyboard increased the odds of producing results by 100%. (I’d like to put 100,000% because that’s what it feels like!)

Getting excited about writing is easier, having turned the ‘have-to’s’ into ‘get-to’s,’ which is so much more fun. I get to pour these stories of my soul onto a page for others to find, read, and have their lives changed or at least touched in some way. It’s something I hope everything I write gives the reader - something to think about.


I am a time-waster. I can stand at my kitchen sink looking out the window talking to myself in this empty house for way too many minutes. Even the dog has grown bored and so used to my routine she knows better than to stand waiting by the door to go anywhere until I’ve finished my rant. I wish I would have recorded many of those moments, they are all pieces and parts of the stories swirling inside me.

Linking the things I Get To Do and having the list in my head, as well as written down on the note pad I use for my daily to-do’s, has me spending less time talking to myself and more time getting shit DONE.

My daily routine now looks like this:

Wake. After getting family off for their day:

Meditate. I’m up to 15 minutes!

Journal. I write in 3 journals daily, am and pm: The Five Minute Journal, my daily journal, and my As My Future Self Journal, which is seriously the most fun ever!

Go over the daily to-do list. I use the High-Performance Planner as a weekly accountability planner.

Check weekly planner. This planner is originally designed to be used daily, but I found it to be so intense it works better as a weekly guide for me.

Go outside This is my Nature time, but also my first check on my horses. I’m enjoying being more present in this time I spend with them.

Exercise. I’ve stayed committed and consistent and am experiencing satisfying results.

Shower/Clean Up


Sit down at my desk, open Scrivener, and write for 40 minutes.

If I feel like writing beyond the 40 minutes I will. If I don’t, I’ll spend the next 30 minutes (with a timer!) to check email and networks for messages.

By now it’s close to noon and I’m ready for lunch. I know I haven’t spent much time writing, but getting all those other things done let’s me concentrate for the hours after lunch when I will be at my desk, doing the thing I want to do, I get to do - create.

And even though I prefer writing in the morning, I hold off until the afternoon. Doing so makes this feel serious like this is my job, which is exactly what I want it to be. I’ll spend up to 3 or 4 hours creating at least 4 days a week. There are days when the schedule gets tossed, but I’ve learned to live with it. I know when I do get the time to sit down and write, I’ll be able to get into the flow because I’ve trained myself to do it on demand, not just when I feel like it.


If I don’t do the work, it will never get done. If it never gets done, I will never see my dreams become reality.

I’m not going to let that happen.

In order to make my future self happy, the person I am right now needs to do the work today.

Connecting habits together creates the triggers necessary to enact the change required to make Big Dreams come true, with Grace and Ease.

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