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Updated: Jan 14

Here’s the deal: I want to Travel.

It’s not just the pandemic and the shutdowns and other countries telling “US” ( that’s the U.S. and the collective ‘we’ I’m a part of as a US citizen) to stay away, stay home. Keep your germs to yourself.

It’s something in my soul. I dream of traveling because I read about it, research it. I look at everything from hotels to houses to campgrounds, mostly because I dream of never-ending road trips and spending as much time as I want when visiting the places I dream of going.

Kenny Chesney says he sees the world differently when he sits in an old blue chair than how he sees it through a bus windshield. I know (and I think he knows too) the reason he sees life the way he does when he sits in that old blue chair is because of what he’s seen through that bus windshield.


Exploring the places we don’t live and intermingling with people we don’t know expands our understanding of the world. We learn that other places can be just like home, or nothing like it, and still be a great place to be. How long you decide to stay is up to you and so is how much you learn.

The places I want to see are as vast as the reasons I want to see them.

Beginning with a town square in Iowa, like the one from Back to the Future, with a clock, a tree-filled park with a gazebo in the middle and surrounded by mom and pop hardware, grocery, ice cream, and barber shops, right outside of The Field of Dreams where I would watch a game. I love baseball.

And a tour of the Winnebago factory in Forest City Iowa to pick up my (someday) custom-ordered Minnie Winnie.

It’s got a big windshield.

I’m super excited to be a contributing writer at Just Checked In where I’ll write about the places I’ve been and the places I dream of going.

We will travel again. I’m dreaming of it.

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