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Blood of My Enemies

In this collection of short stories, discover the origins of the series and why these tales must be told. Seventeen short stories including:Blood of My Enemies - The story of why all the other stories are written. Shared for friends who need to share their own stories.

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The Journey

Sharing the journey and inspiration of grief, truth, and transformation in essays documenting the year in which I discovered clarity while in the muck of life. Losing doesn't mean lost forever. Through the power of my words, I can heal by writing, connecting the experiences of my life, my past and present to find understanding and sometimes forgiveness. And then begin to prepare for a future, my desired future, designed by my words written on paper and given to the universe to manifest. These stories are for anyone struggling to connect their own dots, to understand the Why - why did that happen, why am I here, what am I going to do next? They are short and to the point, there is no time to waste.Writing Heals. I believe this. To Write Your Story is to Speak Your Truth.This is only a small part of my story. My journey continues.Stay Tuned.

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Dysfunction of Family

Essays reflecting on the search for the truth when unearthing family secrets buried for decades and using writing as the tool to heal transgenerational dysfunction. By sharing our stories we encourage others to do the same.

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Anger into Action

The way to solve a problem is to stop the source. In Anger Into Action, author Nanci Arvizu delves into personal experiences and perspectives of a dysfunctional belief system that benefits one segment of the human race overall over. Through the power of words, dominance is maintained. And it will be the power of words to bring justice to victims, punishments to criminals, and truth to the light.
After the death of a close friend opened the door to things no one wants to see, Nanci was unable to turn away. The more she learned about the Sex Trade Industry and the Customers who fuel this multi-billion dollar industry, the angrier she became at systems that protect Rapists while causing more trauma in the victim's lives.
Through honest and direct language, the author points out the discrepancies between how we treat our offspring, siblings, and others around us, depending on which circle of society they belong: Ours or Theirs?
By asking the reader to identify their own complicity within a system of oppression and objectification, the author encourages the reader to step up to the plate and be a part of the change necessary when it comes to reshaping the minds of half of the human race, and teach them to respect the other half by 'doing unto others as you would have done unto you.'